It’s Autumn already!  For me I’m still thinking about putting the flip-flops and shorts away as we are still having nice, warm weather.  We did close the pool but yesterday it was 84 degrees so re-thinking the timing.  


I love this time of year and yet there seems to be some nostalgia in it for me. Do you experience that? I thought it was just me but at dinner last night several of us commented on having similar feelings.


We tossed around ideas that would explain our feelings of nostalgia:

  • It’s the old “ back to school” feeling we all felt as students and as parents sending kids back to school
  • Maybe something happened in our past that has created a seasonal memory trigger
  • Perhaps it’s the sadness of knowing the long days of sunshine are going to diminish


No definitive conclusion.


Another common theme at this time of year is getting organized and back on a schedule or back into a routine after the wild days of summer fun. Do you feel that too? If you have kids at home I’m sure you are feeling it, but many of us adults are craving it too.


Are you one of the many who do a schedule makeover or recommit to personal and professional goals in September?  I often call September “the new January” as it is a time to regroup and recommit to goals and New Year’s Resolutions.  


If you have the pulse to get organized, back on track, and want to stay focused I have some tips for you in my webinar:






What I hear most often from people who seek my help is:

  • How to get on track and stay focused
  • Wanting clarity if they are on the RIGHT track
  • How to create a schedule that sticks
  • How to have the confidence and strength (energy) to keep going


These are bright, heart-centered, and purpose-driven people who want to make a difference but are worn out with the rat race kind of lifestyle. And that’s who I created this webinar for.  


I want to warn you  – I’m probably different from the coaches and trainers you’ve heard before.  I’m going to share some different, counterintuitive, and maybe even odd ideas to help you get what you really want. Because here’s the thing: vision boards, getting the perfect schedule, and goal setting strategies don’t get you what you really want.


Say What?


Hustling, grinding it out, and working smarter (and harder) is not what we are meant for. I promise you that there are things if you put in place and reorient yourself you can have a life On Purpose and With More Grace and Ease.


Here’s what you’ll learn in the webinar:


  • The toxic combination that erodes your confidence (and the 4 part strategy for getting what you really want)
  • Why success and goal setting need to be hacked and why the main tool you are using isn’t working (and what to use instead)
  • An elegant life planning process I used to create more time to spend with my family, have meaningful conversations with friends & colleagues, plus time to work out, write, read, and build my business
  • The top myths, beliefs, and fears that are causing you to stay stuck (and how to overcome them)
  • The 5 steps for getting organized & on the right track and how to create a 90 day plan to keep you focused
  • Where you can get your very own “Success Hack & Get on Track” strategy.


This is not your old-school goal setting and time management webinar.  In fact, we need to hack those outdated strategies.


Ready to get on track – the RIGHT track – and create and maintain your momentum?  Join me next Tuesday: Sign up for the Webinar.  


My Best for Your Highest,

Danette Layne, Success Teacher









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