Hi there, I'm Danette Layne. 

I want to teach you how to create a career strategy and take inspired action by giving you encouragement and tools that you can apply immediately so you genuinely say "I am living my dream!"

My approach to creating a career I love and living a life that I used to think was beyond my dreams has been a bit like a traffic light: Stop! Go! Proceed with caution. Can you relate?

I've been frozen in my tracks by what I've termed "Waa-duff" (Worry, Doubt, & Fear). I've taken a some baby steps to inch forward and move closer to what really seemed to light me up or consume my attention. And I've boldly stepped forward, after bolstering my courage and strengthening my faith, towards a more fulfilling and rewarding career and life. Just like a traffic light.

Danette Layne, Career Success Teacher

In order to find career and life success I had to take off masks of false identify and create my own definition of success.

Raised in a remote town near the Canadian border in Washington state, I'm a small town girl with real big dreams. Without a vision for my future and impacted by what I call the "Poster Child" of negative self-talk with an extra dose of fear, I have busted my tail and dug deep to transform my thoughts, my beliefs, and my life in order to do more and more of what I love with people that I love.

It didn't take me long to figure out a minimum wage job would be challenging to both fund some travel and home dreams as well as raise my daughter after I was divorced. My (faulty) beliefs said only rich kids went to college so I started making call to figure out how to do it if you weren't a rich kid.  I earned my Bachelors degree in Education and my Master's degree in Community & Human Resources (people) development. I stumbled into Coaching but wanted to have solid training if I was going to help people so I found a program that required a Master's degree and earned my Coaching certificate from the College of Executive Coaching.

Other learning interests as well as the DNA to be a qualified teacher, coach, trainer and leader nudged me to earn other certifications scudding Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Professional in Human Resources, trainer for DDI (Development Dimensions International), and Competent Communicator in Toastmasters. While degrees and certifications don't define a person I do believe they provide skills and competence in areas and I am grateful to share what I have learned through my educational pursuits.

I've been requested to mentor teens, invited to teach life management skills for first year college students, and sought to share communication and relationship strategies with community leaders. I've built rewarding friendships, collaborated with some movers and shakers on significant projects, and joined forces to make contributions to my community.  

In the past I was afraid of using my voice to share ideas or challenge a process and I was tentative about standing up for what is right or taking the road less traveled, but I've found ways to overcome my fears and manage challenges (including some doozies), to create my own path to success. I've "done the work" - kind of what I call a spiritual or life root canal.

I studied, observed, and learned personal, professional, and spiritual principles that create and build happiness, joy, and peace. I've been down and out and hit some brick walls along the way. Those rough experiences helped confirm the things that really ignited my passion and fueled my purpose which helped me keep moving forward. It's an honor to share what I've learned to help you bust any of your barriers and get you to your goals!

 Danette Layne with James Malinchak, Speaker and star of Secret Millionaire

Learning from a legendary speaker James Malinchak who appeared on Secret Millionaire.

Although I've learned from legends and follow some respected leaders I am no cookie-cutter-fit-the-mold kinda girl.  I've been called complex but I like to call it curious, original, and unique. ​Like you, I have a lot of interests and passions and that sometimes confuses others. I'm like a human dichotomy.

Word Nerd Alert:  

“Dichotomy:  division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups."

Some of my dichotomous ways:

  • I'm a little bit country
  • Jeans, T-shirt, & ponytail
  • Classical & traditional
  • Inspired by luxury
  • Cautious - safe
  • Out - seeing sights, visiting w/ people
  • Love math - especially Alegebra
  • I'm a little bit rock-n-roll
  • Black dress, heels, & up-do
  • Modern & trendy
  • Comfy in the countryside
  • Adventurous - ride a motorcycle
  • In - love my quiet sanctuary at home
  • Love art - especially bright colors

I have multiple passions and interests: creativity, spirituality, I'm a systems girl, and I'm big on habits.  My jobs demonstrate my varied interests (and the need to feed my family) and have provided major learning experiences. I've been a bank teller and officer, retail clerk, title company clerk, teacher, and human resources manager with some short stints as a grocery boxer, maid, waitress, typist, and youth leader.

My work in a variety of industries has given me additional fodder for learning and sharing lessons learned with others. I've worked in real estate, retail, telecommunications, engineering, utilities, public schools, health care, financial, and higher education.

Expanding my background even more I've worked in organizations with and without a union, for profits and not-for-profits, and for public entities and private businesses. You could say I got around and I wore a lot of hats!

Danette Layne Career Success Teacher

Wearing many hats!

Maybe that's why I'm called "every woman's woman." I relate to a lot of people and can appreciate a variety of real world challenges - because I've been there. ​I've experienced, observed, or coached people like you through career challenges, working with hundreds to clarify career dreams and to align their thoughts, actions, and lives to get desired results.  I genuinely care about you, where you are at, and where you are going and I'm committed to helping you get your desired results!

As I began coaching individuals and providing speaking and training as a side business while working in a HR job, I knew I wanted to help more people; I was limited in my own role as an HR manager as some organizations didn't prioritize career development and limited to the employees who sought that advice from me. I interviewed tons of people in my local and on-line community and found there was a huge gap and lack of help for individuals to create a career plan. And the same gap existed for managers or small business owners - they didn't know exactly how to provide or were simply too busy to provide strategic career development plans.

It's my mission to build you up and I want to do that by filling that gap for you and for your organization: to provide a dynamic and strategic career development process that helps you find and do your right work and while you receive satisfaction, your organization will benefit, too. I'm committed to support you in the process and not just give you some rah-rah - although I'll be your greatest cheerleader! 

Watching you struggle to find your way and to find a meaningful way to use your strengths, do work you love, AND find a meaningful way to contribute is the inspiration behind my career development programs.  I want to help you find and do your right work.  I'll teach you how to get your boss to help support your work, too. 

Danette Layne helping you find your groove.

Hanging out with a group finding their groove!

I believe you are unique - with all your strengths, interests, quirks, and variety. And I believe you matter. I believe your work matters. And your right work can change your life and change the world.  Your family, your community, your organization (or another one), and the world - we all need you to step up, show up, not give up, and step out in front of any worries, doubts, fears to shine your brilliant light.  

I believe taking radical responsibility for yourself, including your beliefs, actions, habits, and results, and what you do and want to do in the world is necessary for you to serve your purpose and make a meaningful contribution. I'm convinced that you (and I and all of us) need to contribute more than consume and we all need a good dose of humor along the way.

Danette Layne Career Success Teacher

Having fun with my photographer, who is also my daughter: Adored by Meghan Rickard.

The big game changer for any experience or level of success in a career or in life is your thoughts. The best skill you need in your tool bucket is to train and manage your mind because everything happens first in your mind and then in your time and space reality. That's why I'm a bit of a word nerd. Because all results begin with a word - and the energy around that word.

Words form thoughts
Thoughts form beliefs
Beliefs influence actions
Actions get results​

I’ve worked with hundreds of people to edit their words and thoughts to change their life and change their world.  I'm not talking like a Pollyanna - "think good thoughts and life will be good."  While that's true, changing your thoughts is an active and creative process. 

Through my blog, book, programs, events, and presentations I help people get fired up and step over the line, committed to not just create dreams, but live them! 

I share some tips, tools, and inspiring stories of real world stars who were inspired to make decisions and take inspired action to find and do their passions or right work. And I'll help you clarify your right work, make decisions, and take inspired action to be more in your groove.

If you are ready to come out from behind yourself and step into your right work you are invited to join what I call the "P Suite" where Passion, Purpose, and Power provide the vision, guidance, and measurement of success! 

Welcome to the P Suite!
...where everyone gets a corner office...

​I'll share the best career and personal development tools, tips, and principles that I've learned to help me and hundreds of others to take baby steps and bungee jumps toward a more satisfying career and life. As a lifelong learner I'll continue to study, try, and experience new things to fine tune my experience here - and I promise to share the best with you. Those who are subscribed to my newsletter will get the scoop first.

As for me I'm a work in progress, still learning from my choices, results, and experiences. I get frustrated and can be tempted to take a detour.  If you are looking for perfect - I'm not your gal. I'm not good at fake either so I won't be blowing smoke. I even fall back into old patterns myself. I just don't stay there. I'm committed to get back on track and to help you do the same.  It is my intention to be genuine and share the best from my heart and my art. 

Two simple mantras help me: "This Too Shall Pass" reminds me that life is dynamic and ever changing and "In All Things Give Thanks" helps me to stay in a positive state of gratitude.

Danette Layne, Success Teacher

Teaching about how learning about others can help our own success!

I'm inspired to show up and give you the best I have to help you in your pursuit of a meaningful life. I can get a little lippy, quippy, and sassy so if that offends you proceed with caution. I care about you, your dream, and your challenges and it is my intention to give you a tip, a tool, a challenge, or a kick in the pants (if needed) in order to move toward your dream and not be defined by a challenge. You are so worth your desires, dreams, and purpose and I believe in you.

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Professional Bio

Danette Layne has been called the Maven of Change and Every Woman's Woman and described as "real."  She has helped hundreds to make transitions and process change in an effort to get clear vision, clear direction, and a clear mind and environment to work in.  She has both real work experience in a variety of settings in a number of roles as well as coaching and training experience helping her clients and members define and create their own definition of career and life success. 

Her mission is to help you clarify and use your passions, align with your purpose, and awaken your power to find and live your right work and make a positive impact on the world.

She teaches, inspires, and challenges you through her blog, programs, coaching, and presentations to get a clear vision, a supportive vocabulary, and the right mind set to be a success at work and at home.

Danette is a preferred speaker, educator, and inspired leader in the areas of personal and professional development, goal setting, and creating success. She has presented at the Don't Quit program, for Leadership Tri-Cities, and Women in Business Conference. She has chaired wellness programs, mentored first year colleges students and young women in her community. 

Danette has a bachelor's degree in Education - Math, a master's degree in Community & Human Resources (People) Development.  She has earned certifications as a Certified Professional Coach through the College of Executive Coaching, a practitioner in MBTI, a trainer for DDI, her PHR, and Competent Communicator in Toastmasters. ​

Her book, The Cs to Success in life, love, and business, is like having a personal coach. A former straight A student and a big fan of education, her book provides lessons that show how the Cs (like courage, challenge the process, curiosity, and commitment) are the real keys to success. Working through the book you can assess your own level of each success principle, find inspiration in the real life stories shared, and identify ways to increase each principle in your life. 

With Danette's wit, wisdom, and kickin' butt with kindness approach you will be encouraged to take radical responsibility for creating your best life. She has inspired others on their own journey by sharing her practices, principles and mind-set as well as challenged their assumptions and limited beliefs from a place of love, acceptance and compassion.

Her philosophy is that there are only three things you can control and they create your life: what you see, what you say, and what you do. She is called to help as many people as possible manage those three things to create their own version of success. 

Danette Layne Success Teacher


To help you create a satisfying career and life.

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