What if I have a job and love what I do but your info resonates with me? 


You can be your brilliant self, using your strengths and talents, enjoying a satisfying career, sharing share your gifts with the world and still get inspiration, insight, and useful tools from me.

Readers, former co-workers, and friends who are on target with their career have routinely shown up or sought ideas, insight, or information from me to expand their mind, challenge their mind-set, or get back on track with their dreams and goals. 

It's kind of like the Algebra mantra: "Whatever you do to one side you have to do to the other." The info I present can be applied at work, at home, and in your volunteer work and is useful for your overall state of happiness and life satisfaction. 

 As long as you are alive you'll be learning, growing, and changing and it would be an honor to guide, walk beside, and celebrate milestones with you on your journey!  

How can I work with you?

Besides getting some tips, tools, and ideas to shine up your life and your career here on my blog you can join me at a live event or apply for VIP coaching when there are open positions. I share these opportunities with my subscribers first.

If you are serious about your right work and ready to pull the trigger on getting a strategic and compelling career plan check out the Navigate career programs launching in late 2015. A live program for individuals and organizations will be opening up first followed by an on-line program in 2016.

If you want the benefit of working with a coach you can grab my book and work through it by yourself or create a little peer coaching group. It's chock full of inspiring (and real) stories, self-assessments, and ideas to help get Success principles like Courage, Curiosity, Commitment, Collaboration, Call it Quits, and Creativity integrated in your work and your life.

And if you are looking for a fun and inspirational keynote speaker or break out session teacher please contact me at danette at danettelayne dot com.

What is the "P Suite" and how do I join?

The "C-Suite" is just for a select few executives in an organization. The "P-Suite" is for anyone who wants to harness their Passion, Purpose, and Power to create a career and a life you love! 

And in the P Suite - everyone gets a corner office!  

It's the space where you work (in an office, in the fields, behind a desk or a pulpit, in a warehouse, in a garden, or a store) to use your strengths, talents, and your creativity to do your right work and share it with the world.   

So welcome!  I'm glad you are here!

What do I do about this part of my work and career that keeps me up at night? 

I have a questions about how to create a career plan, how to work with my boss, getting support for my goals, how to write a book, starting my own business, how to create a table setting, etc.

You need your sleep, right? Send your question to info at danettelayne dot com and I'll add it to the hopper of questions to address in upcoming blogs or videos.  Do share - get it off your chest - then head back to bed! 

Fun Facts About Me

My childhood dog was named Socrates, after the famous philosopher.  I think he channeled wisdom to me.

When young I sang karaoke (before it was called that) with my childhood friend using yarn balls and Popsicle sticks for a microphone. Later I sang with my kids and grand kids with real mics. 

I love to design, build, and decorate - work spaces, furniture, and seasonal displays to name a few. I once taught a class on how to fold formal dinner napkins. 

I ran for public office - for a commissioner position for the Port of Kennewick. I love building individuals, teams, and communities and love how Ports support the economic growth of a community.

On the 103rd day of 100 days of treadmill in a row I broke my tailbone getting bucked on (and then off) a horse. 

I'm highly creative, a Pisces, and when I decided to be a teacher I couldn't decide between Math and Art.  I chose Math - I wanted / needed a job and was told schools like female math teachers and budget issues cut art teachers quickly.  Sad but true in many schools. 

I LOVE time in nature or the outdoors so I hike, walk, and work "on location" whenever I can. 

My first two jobs were right next door to each other:  I was a typist at a title company and a grocery store janitor and box-girl.  My first CASH came from babysitting and ironing shirts.

My greatest tool:  my imagination

My favorite formula:  Choices = Results​

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Danette Layne, Career Success Teacher
Danette Layne Success Teacher
Danette Layne Career Success Teacher
Danette Layne

Danette Layne Success Teacher


To help you create a satisfying career and life.