Danette Layne Business Not as Usual

Business is not “same-ole, same-ole” for me. This is a story. An Adventure Story. It’s my story, but I’m sure you’ll see glimpses of your own story, too. Thanks for reading. FEAR + SMILES THAT LEAVE YOUR FACE When I was twenty my idea of a career and success was based on fear. Recently single,…

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Baby Steps and Bungee Jumps

Cs to Success, Danette Layne, Coach, Speaker

Hooray Hooray! My First Book is Published. One of my biggest goals and desires of my heart. And the “process” for me on this book (and several of my goals) has been baby steps and bungee jumps.  “Wow, I’m getting some positive feedback on the sample chapters I have sent out,” I say to my…

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How To Achieve Success Getting All C’s

Discovering the Keys to Success I was driving East on Northwest Boulevard toward my little apartment from a class at Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane, Washington. I don’t remember the drive home other than almost wrecking my car. I had just received a test back from my physics instructor and I was a bit…

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