Danette Layne Business Not as Usual

Business is not “same-ole, same-ole” for me. This is a story. An Adventure Story. It’s my story, but I’m sure you’ll see glimpses of your own story, too. Thanks for reading. FEAR + SMILES THAT LEAVE YOUR FACE When I was twenty my idea of a career and success was based on fear. Recently single,…

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3 Reasons Why Not To Use the Wonder Woman Role Model

3 Reasons Why Not To Use the Wonder Woman (or Super Hero) Role Model by Danette Layne

Been There, Done That (Didn’t Get the T Shirt) The other night I was doing an errand and had time for a little shopping.  I didn’t need anything but I had an itch to get a t-shirt that I could wear working out.  Something that inspired me, and would motivate me to get dressed and follow…

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Old School: Mission, Vision, Values. New School: Purpose, Passion & Power

 Are You Stuck “Back in the Day?” Back in the day at Old School we used Mission, Vision, and Values to guide strategic planning.  This started in businesses and was quickly transferred to the individual in the personal development field. What worked to give guidance to a company should work to give guidance to an individual,…

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