Danette Layne Business Not as Usual

Business is not “same-ole, same-ole” for me. This is a story. An Adventure Story. It’s my story, but I’m sure you’ll see glimpses of your own story, too. Thanks for reading. FEAR + SMILES THAT LEAVE YOUR FACE When I was twenty my idea of a career and success was based on fear. Recently single,…

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How To Be Authentic


I Was Authentic Before Being Authentic Was Cool There’s an old song by Barbara Mandrell, who sang with George Jones,  called “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool.” That’s how I feel about being authentic.  I was authentic when being authentic wasn’t cool. Today’s post is about how I went from fitting in to being genuine…

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3 Reasons Why Not To Use the Wonder Woman Role Model

3 Reasons Why Not To Use the Wonder Woman (or Super Hero) Role Model by Danette Layne

Been There, Done That (Didn’t Get the T Shirt) The other night I was doing an errand and had time for a little shopping.  I didn’t need anything but I had an itch to get a t-shirt that I could wear working out.  Something that inspired me, and would motivate me to get dressed and follow…

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