What do you really want blog by Danette Layne

WHAT’S YOUR GOAL? If I asked you this question over coffee or on a coaching call you’d probably tell me a couple, if not a few, things you are working toward.   Maybe you want a better financial picture. Or to spend more time with your family.  Or to lose a few pounds.   WHAT…

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3 Reasons Why Not To Use the Wonder Woman Role Model

3 Reasons Why Not To Use the Wonder Woman (or Super Hero) Role Model by Danette Layne

Been There, Done That (Didn’t Get the T Shirt) The other night I was doing an errand and had time for a little shopping.  I didn’t need anything but I had an itch to get a t-shirt that I could wear working out.  Something that inspired me, and would motivate me to get dressed and follow…

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Five Things You Need for Your Five Year Plan

Do You Need a Five Year Plan? Only if you have somewhere to go and something to do and you really, really want to do it!  Whether it’s in the next year or the next five years. Let’s face it you’ve probably been very good at taking care of business – other people’s business.  You…

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