How to Clarify Your Life’s Direction,
Get Focused and On The Right Track,
Without Having to Hit the Restart Button

Are you aware this thing, called a Vade Mecum, can get you on track and keep you on track - the right track - to give you focus and direction for the rest of your life?  

What is a Vade Mecum?

The root word of Vade Mecum is Latin for "go with me." 

A Vade Mecum is "a book for ready reference; a manual; something regularly carried about by a person; a handbook or guide that is kept constantly at hand for consultation"

When you have clarify about your core values, vision, and your direction you are in a better position to:

  • have confidence to discern options and make the right decisions
  • have courage to take bold and aligned action to make a difference - at home, work, or the world
  • prioritize and focus - feel good about what gets done and what does not get done
  • have certainty that you are on the right track with your dreams, desires, and mission
  • set clear boundaries so you can spend your time on things that move you on your path
  • stay focused and make progress because you know what you are doing is the right thing
  • have a sense of security and no more second guessing or chasing the next best thing
  • be able to communicate both by understanding yourself better 
  • exercise the #1 leadership and life skill: self-awareness
  • get up inspired because you are on purpose and with purpose

By the end of the one month course you'll have a handy little book to help you navigate life so you never need to get lost or lose your way again. It's a life-long guide by your side to remind you of your identity, your mission, and your path of fulfillment and meaningful contribution. 

Better Than the Same-Old Discovery Work Creating a Vade Mecum Gives You a Lifetime Guide To Navigate Life 

My name is Danette Layne and I'll be walking you through the process, step by step, to build your own Vade Mecum. 

A Vade Mecum is a handy little guidebook all about you that helps you get on the right track with your mission and goals as well as stay on the right track.

The process of creating your personalized Vade Mecum is as important and life changing as the finished guidebook. 

Throughout the journey you'll get clarity, confidence, and conviction by completing fun exercises, activities, and processes that will reveal truths, touchstones, guideposts, and create a ​​​​compelling future vision.  

You'll upload information into the Studio Creator and we'll provide you with a digital version of your final Vade Mecum (see digital example on this page) and I'll show you how to create a printed version of your Vade Mecum so you can have a little handbook (see photo of printe example on this page) to take with you as you make plans, create goals, make decisions, and take action to fill your mission and purpose.  

As your Vade Mecum contains a collection of deep insight, wisdom, and clarity about all things "you" - your values, your desired results, your mission, your purpose, what speaks to your soul, stirs your heart, and more - it's the place to come back to when you find yourself drifting, distracted, disillusioned, or disappointed.

Example of digital Vade Mecum for my Business Mentor. 

Example of print Vade Mecum for my Business Mentor. Each of these are sheets you can insert into a 4 x 6 photo book.



In Session One you'll be clarifying and articulation the following pieces of your Vade Mecum:  

  • Your Compass - you'll be able to navigate life using these words to keep you on the right course.
  • Your North Star - you'll use these words to help set your intention about how you want to feel as you set goals, go through your day-to-day life, and contemplate actions and make decisions. Your North Star...leads you home...back to you.
  • Your Personal PROFILE (c) - this helps you know you identity so you can make the "dent" in the world you're called to make. Get clarity about your
    • Personality
    • Repertoire (gifts and talents) 
    • Outlook (check up from the neck up about your attitude and how you see life)
    • Flair (your style)
    • Interests (whats calling you to learn or do that you've been ignoring)
    • Love (your passions)
    • Experience (the secret sauce to your soul's lesson and your purpose)
  • Your PROFILE is a broad sweep of the many aspects that make up you. Creating your PROFILE will remind you who you are, inspire you stay in your lane, and help you find the clues that your calling or mission has left for you. 

*We'll do Module 1 online with video in an evening session. 


In Session Two you'll be clarifying and articulating the following pieces of your Vade Mecum:  

  • Your Purpose Statement - you'll use the purpose statement to connect to the bigger "why" and be affirmed that you are right where you are supposed to be in the current phase of your evolutionary purpose. 
  • Your Mission Statement - to keep you focused and on track despite obstacles, setback, and detours along the way, you'll treasure being able to come back to and hold on your mission.
  • Your Vision - the opportunity to dream without editing and to create and anchor compelling visions in aspects of your life that pull you toward your desired results. 

*We'll do Module 1 online with video in an evening session. 


In Session Three you'll be clarifying and articulating the following pieces of your Vade Mecum:  

  • Your Truths - these are the guiding principles that you can count on to keep you humble and in harmony with your choices despite what others say or do. 
  • Your Tribe - these are the amazing people you can reach out to for different kinds of support and assistance and the people you commit to doing the same for.
  • Your Note to Self - a loving, pre-written note to read when doubt, worry, and fear creep in.
  • Your Wisdom - quotes and phrases from your guides, mentors, and teachers that resonate, remind, and inspire you to keep moving forward. 

*We'll do Module 3 online with video in a 1/2 day  workshop on a Friday or Saturday. 


In Session Four is reserved for getting your Vade Mecum integrated and for celebrating your clarity, conviction, and direction.  

We'll be wrapping up the final parts of the Vade Mecum including how you can add supplemental information like your favorite scripture, other assessments, astrology readings, past achievements and strategies, or other information that inspires you and reminds you of your path.'s time to create your own Vade Mecum! I'll show you how to do it using our Creator Studio to create the digital version and then I'll show you the steps for creating your own printed version of your personal Vade Me

*We'll do Module 1 online with video in an evening session. 


I'm going to help you put your Vade Mecum to good use by sharing my "From Setting to Getting Goals and Desired  Results" formula and my 90 Day Theme template for mapping out the steps to staying on track with those goals and desired results.

Let's get strategic and put those dreams, mission, and purpose into play! 

*We'll do the Bonus Class online with video in a two-hour block in the evening. 

How the Program is Delivered


Vade Mecum Training and Coaching


The Vade Mecum Creator Studio


Receive Digital
Vade Mecum*

I'll walk you through the steps to excavate important things about yourself, we'll do some Q & A to make sure you get what you need and you'll capture it all on  worksheets. 

Using the work we've done together I'll send you a private link to a form where you'll upload the information.

Your information will be merged into your own personal Vade Mecum. *I'll show you how to make a little hand-held one and you can play the presentation slides immediately!

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It's Time To Step Into Your Mission & Purpose

I'd love to help you create your personal Vade Mecum so you can get the clarity, confidence, and conviction about your mission, purpose, and dreams.

There's so much distraction and noise in our everyday life I consider it very courageous and conscious to take the time to create a little guide book that "goes with you" to get you on the RIGHT track, keep you on the RIGHT track, and if you get sidetrack bring you back home to you, your path, your mission, and your purpose. 

You matter. You're so worth it. 

Click the button below if you're ready to make your personal Vade Mecum!

Danette Layne, Success Teacher

If you are interested in creating your own Personal Vade-Mecum and have questions before your sign up - I'd be happy to chat with you about the process, the Vade Mecum and if it's a good fit for you. 

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