“It's humbling and affirming to receive compliments and praise for my work of passion and purpose. It fuels my desire to keep going and bring even more value to others, helping bring career and life goals to fruition. I'm honored and deeply grateful for the comments .”  ~ Danette

"I far exceeded my initial goals."

"Danette established trust by accepting me and my situation without judgment and by demonstrating she genuinely cared about my success. When working with Danette I have to be prepared for a challenge- she asks questions that force me to dig deeper to find my own truth and challenges my assumptions and, with permission, offered alternative views. I far exceeded my initial goals in coaching to increase my ability to maintain focus, position myself and my role as a contributor to our organization and improve my interactions with my supervisor."

- Jenny  (Marketing Associate) 

"Danette has a treasure chest of insights!"

"The sessions were interesting, challenging, and positive. Danette is skilled with understanding and looking at the nuances in career decision making.  I enjoyed her fresh perspective and the personal focus. Danette has a treasure chest of insights and I am following up with the activities after the sessions ended and using some of the guidance I learned from Danette. It was a positive experience that I would highly recommend."

- Teresa (Information Technologies Specialist) 

"Danette is caring, inspiring, and can challenge an employee or manager in a professional manner!"

"While working with Danette it was clear that she really cared about the individual employee’s performance. She would work with individual employees with their career path or leadership development while supporting the manager in their role. 

She is one of the few people that I have had the pleasure to work with that is able to wear multiple hats at the same time and is genuinely interested in supporting everyone. Danette is caring, inspiring, and can challenge an employee or a manager in a professional manner with providing coaching or guidance as needed."

- Kevin (CFO) 

"Two thumbs up!"

"She was my favorite! Well prepared, on target topic, great use of book "prop", and relevant. Two thumbs up!"

- Colette (Project Manager) 

"Life changes in her presence!"

"Danette is one of the most amazing individuals I’ve ever met. Her drive, determination, commitment to others, her ability to overcome challenges, the love of her family, the courage that exudes from her is inspiring. She has an innate ability to connect with others, draw them into her creativity, and make them learn, understand and realize their true gifts! I have had the honor of sitting across the table from her, a place every woman would love to sit! The shear energy, passion and humor Danette brings makes a person want to sit longer. Life changes in her presence."  

- Katie (Recovery Center) 

"I can count on Danette to help me gain clarity."

"Danette has helped me through some big transitions in life. She has helped me to focus in on living a life of purpose and impact. I can count on Danette to help me gain clarity with honesty, objectivity and compassion."

- Camille (TV Account Executive) 

"Danette speaks from the heart."

"Danette really gets the class involved and speaks from the heart. That makes a difference!"

- Jill (Site Supervisor) 

"When I get stuck in a project she has helped me to think through the steps."

"She has challenged me to grow; to recognize in myself an opportunity to change. When I get stuck or irritated in a project she has helped me to think through the steps, see how my communication impacts others and then how to move a group or person forward."

- Kristy (Account Manager) 

"She is so inspiring and truly wants the best." 

“Danette was fantastic! Danette is energetic, enthusiastic, funny and easily connects with the audience. She involves the audience, shared interesting points, stories and pictures that the audience could relate to. She’s so inspiring and truly wants the best for individuals, organizations and communities.”

- Cathy (Director of Programs) 

"Her philosophy and ideas can make a difference in people's lives." 

"You are one of the most inspiring and practical presenters as your philosophy and ideas can make a difference in people's lives and futures. Your practical tips can lead to success in ones self-leadership, team leadership and can make a difference in a workplace culture.  Thank for sharing your expertise."

- Lisa (Program Director)

"She succeeded in thoroughly engaging the participants."

"Danette has the unique ability to craft her message in simple terms for easy understanding. The students came away with insights about having conversations. Through the use of stories, humor, real world examples, and her wit, Danette succeeded in thoroughly engaging the participants. In feedback received after the event, many students expressed the desire to have a repeat session and for additional training."

- Subha (Program Coordinator)

"I am challenged to go to a higher level."

"When I work with Danette I am challenged to go to a higher level. She asks questions and gives feedback that has helped me to raise my standard of professionalism.  I have been frustrated with colleagues who want to hold on to things and don’t want to change. The training and coaching I've received from Danette has been an opportunity to challenge me to grow and not get stuck in my own fast reactive way. Danette has given me the opportunity to look back and get others on board."

- Christine (Customer Service Manager)

"She is a wonderful lady and I enjoyed the class immensely."

"I believe the class was very well done and she is a very good presenter. The material was useful and the material covered with Danette will help me to keep improving my skills in the work place.  Again I cannot stress enough how well Danette did with this class. She is a wonderful lady and I enjoyed the class immensely."

- Chris (Farmer)

"She earns the respect of those she works with." 

"Danette is a natural "people person" and earns the respect of those she works with. It is a great compliment that people often confide in her, seeking her advice and counsel.  People trust her judgement."

- Rick (Small Business / Entrepreneur)
Danette Layne Success Teacher


To help you create a satisfying career and life.