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Bring a workplace culture expert to share insights and secrets from the HR vault and behind executive closed doors to your next conference, leadership retreat or business community event.

 Danette Layne, Workplace Culture Creator and Coach

Motivational Speaker  * Executive Coach *

Human Resources Professional

“Danette has a way of providing a very informative and engaging presentation.  She is inspiring and provides very useful information the audience could put to use immediately.  I received several positive comments from the attendees at our event.  They walked away with some great tools for providing leadership and tips on how to recognize, reward, and celebrate the successes of their teams.   She was very animated and we appreciated her interaction with the audience.  Thanks again, for speaking at our event!” Cathy, Director, Women In Construction

Top 3 Reasons Why Conferences, Chambers, Tourism Communities, and Businesses love to book Danette Layne

  1. Danette is an experienced speaker  She has been speaking, teaching, presenting and facilitating at conferences, meetings, businesses, leadership training and in the community for over 22 years.
  2. Audiences love Danette’s style Danette entertains, inspires and connects to people while sharing real-life examples, challenging conventional wisdom, and providing practical tips to create an engaging employee experience and positive workplace culture.
  3. America’s Workplace Culture Creator Danette has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources and over 20 years training and coaching experience.  She is a certified Executive Coach, a Myers Briggs Facilitator, and a Professional in Human Resources. She shares insights from her experiences from behind the HR office doors, to the boardroom, C suite, and the water cooler, to show your audience, team, or business community how to intentionally create a culture that adds value to the employee experience and to the bottom line.
 “Love her!!! She is so inspiring!!! I met her last year at the Women in Business Conference and then at local SHRM meetings. She is a great lady and is very motivating. Great reminder to be thankful and recognize people as much as possible. I’ve been in a rut about this and it was a great reminder!” Participant, Leadership Tri-Cities

Thoughts about Creating a Positive Culture

  • “Strategize projects and goals, inspire and lead people”.
  • “Each experience an employee has creates a deposit or withdrawal in the Employee Experience Bank Account. The balance of those events creates the level of satisfaction and engagement in each employee.”
  • “Why do employees leave? A better question is “why did they start looking”?
  • “If we are meeting employees basic needs at work they tend to be satisfied.”
  • “Employees who have a sense of control in their destiny are actively engaged or looking for a new location to be activity engaged”
  • “If employees are our greatest asset do we treat them as special as our personal greatest asset (like a new car) or as great as our best customer?”
  • “Leadership is about relationship.”
  • “Set others up for success, have positive expectations, and give them feedback on their journey”.
  • “Ask for your idea to be dissected – you will have a better product, service, system and result”.

About Danette

Danette Layne, Workplace Culture Creator and Coach, is a frequently requested presenter, speaker and coach, inspiring audiences in personal and leadership development, employee relations, communications, organizational development and creating a positive culture.  Danette has delivered engaging presentations, keynotes, and seminars for a variety of industries, associations, colleges, conferences, business professionals, community groups and students.

Danette has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources and over 20 years training and coaching experience working with community leaders, members on boards of directors and all level of employees, in a variety of industries including: utility, engineering, education, financial, retail, telecommunications, city, Chamber of Commerce, tourism, health care, and small business and economic development.

During her experience working with employees, executives and managers Danette refined skills in facilitating mutual awareness and appreciation among team members, aligning individual, group and organizational vision and purpose, empowered accountability and responsibility and helped to create effective communication and relationships.  Her philosophy of being intentional about creating positive “touch points” along the path of an employee has helped managers and organizations make small shifts that bring big results in employee engagement and retention.

Today, Danette is America’s Workplace Culture Creator and Coach, and shares her 22 years of working with people experience and success model to empower and engage leaders, teams and audience members to create tangible results.  Danette’s key notes and presentations have earned a reputation for being inspiring, beyond the surface, challenging assumptions and practical.

 Inspire, engage and empower your audience and gain wisdom
from the HR vault and behind the boardroom walls
from America’s Workplace Culture Creator and Coach
Danette Layne

Topics Include

  • Building Others Up (Leadership Skills)
  • If it’s to Be, It’s up to Me (Mindset & Attitude)
  • Working With Human (People dynamics)
  • Solving Workplace Hunger (Building a positive workplace culture)

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 “Danette has provided me tools to coach other people.  She has helped me increase my confidence in leading my work team.  I have learned excellent communication techniques and styles to build rapport with others.  She offers view or perspectives that help me see things differently which has improved my management style tremendously.” Susan, Benton PUD

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What People are Saying about Danette…..

“She was my favorite thus far. Well prepared, topical, great use of book “prop”, and relevant. Two thumbs up!” Participant, Leadership Tri-Cities

“Danette was fantastic! Danette is energetic, enthusiastic, funny and easily connects with the audience.  She involves the audience, shared interesting points, stories and pictures that the audience could relate to. She’s also inspiring and truly wants the best for individuals, organizations and communities.” Lisa, Chamber of Commerce

“Danette has the unique ability to craft her message in simple terms for easy understanding. The students came away with insights and pointers to watch out for during crucial conversations. Through the use of stories, humorous real world examples and wit, Danette succeeded in thoroughly engaging the students. In feedback received after the event, many students expressed the desire to have a repeat session and for additional training. Having Danette present has benefitted our students immensely. We hope to be able to bring her on campus for future events. ” Subha, Washington State University

 “When you find yourself in need of a qualified public speaker I strongly recommend Danette Layne. I’m happy to say Danette has her PHD – Pride, Hustle, and Determination – and is dedicated to her craft. Danette expertly mixes professionalism with humor to engage her audience and help them understand what she is sharing. “ Russell, Manager, Cellular One