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Are you ready to create your life by design? 

Are you tired of setting for what is?

Do you know there is more for you than the busy bus and rat race?

You might be ready to get serious and crystal clear about what you really want and then create a plan to get your life aligned around that. 

If this is you, we should chat!

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On your FREE Living By Design Strategy Session I'll help you identify the shift you need to make to create and live a life that has more harmony, more purpose, and honors your calling.  

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"The session time was interesting, challenging, and positive. Danette is skilled with understanding and looking at the nuances in career decision making. I enjoyed her fresh perspectives and the personal focus. I was impressed with how she customized the program for me. I feel like she has a treasure chest of insights and in our short program I received a lot of benefit." ~ Teresa, IT Professional

"While working with Danette it was clear that she really cared about the individual employee's performance. She would work with the individual employee on their career path or leadership development while supporting the manager in their role. She is one of the few people that I have had the pleasure to work with that is able to wear multiple hats at the same time and is genuinely interested in supporting everyone.  Danette is caring, inspiring, and can challenge and employee or a manger in a professional manner with providing coaching or guidance as needed." ~ Kevin, CFO

Danette Layne Success Teacher



​If you are an event planner, association representative or conference attendee and want to have an smooth booking process for a speaker who has the audience engaged and laughing while taking something heart, look no further. 

It's true you want to have a good speaker for your next event and not some cheesy same-ole, same-ole. Not only do you want them to have a chuckle and leave happy you also want it to be meaningful. From a real person that your audience can connect to. How about have a genuine person who can not only inspire your audience but teach them something that they can apply and use. Woah!                   

​I love to build others up with keynote presentations! I love to get creative and innovative to help you spice up your event. We can provide a copy of my book to each member of your audience and I can teach a special break-out session. We can create a VIP event, have a book signing, and get your audience engaged and fired up about your event weeks ahead of time - increasing your registrations. I love to get creative to help you create an outstanding event. And you'll receive a special inspirational message from me for you and your team. 

​If you are looking to book a speaker call soon. I have a few openings each month and if I'm not available I'll help you find someone. Once you sign up with me you can "check that box" and get to the other 100 things on your list to pull off your event! If you are interested in chatting with me about speaking please email me danette at danettelayne dot com with your name, phone, timezone, and best time to call.. 

"Thank you so much for agreeing to be our keynote speaker at our Customer Appreciation Luncheon! You provided a wonderful presentation and your topic was very useful for so many in the audience. Earlier this week, we sent out a survey to the meeting planners in attendance and I can’t wait to share some of the responses we received: "Love her, what an amazing speaker." "Communication is vital so I feel this topic will always be relevant....especially in today's climate of social media." "The speaker was engaging and helpful. Her presentation was personal and meaningful."  ~ Lara, Convention Sales Director 

Cs to Success, Danette Layne, Coach, Speaker

THE Cs TO SUCCESS                in life, love, and business

Think getting straight A's, perfect attendance, and over-the-top, sacrificial performance will get you success? Think again.

It's the Cs that help you get success:  courage, consistency, curiosity, clarity, create, congruence, and many more.​

This book is like having a one-on-one session with a coach and includes a "C" of success assessment, application story of real people (me or someone I know), some tips for getting that "C" in your life, and even a little space to jot down "what's working, what's not, and one thing to try."

​Get it here!

"THIS BOOK! I have had the honor of sitting across the table from her, a place every woman would love to sit! The sheer energy, passion and humor Danette brings makes a person want to sit longer. Life changes in her presence as I’m confident it will inside this book."

Katie Klute,

CAC, CWC, Certified Addictions Coach, Certified Wellness Coach


If you are looking for 1:1 coaching, business consulting, or training and facilitation, I have a few openings each month and if I'm not available I'll do my best to help you find someone. If you are interested please email me danette at danettelayne dot com with your name, phone, timezone, the best time to call and what you are looking for help with and I'll call you back. 

Danette Layne Success Teacher


To help you create a satisfying career and life.